Greg’s Artistic Journey

  • Posted: January 6, 2012
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Author Constance Ridley Smith talks about the effect that Georgia O’Keeffe’s gift to Fisk University (the Alfred Stieglitz collection) had on Greg’s art-making.

Video produced by Nashville Public Television (NPT) Copyright 2010 by NPT (used by permission) Source: The Gift: The Program

Read more about  this subject in the book, Greg Ridley, Master of Copper

Myra Smith Interview

Author Myra Smith talks about her book, Quiet Time — A collection of poems sharing personal experiences

Quiet Time is a book of poetry which is both historical and inspirational. It affords the reader a glimpse of life on the lovely island of Bermuda through the experiences of Myra Annice Lorraine

Coach Ridley’s Basketball Glory

  • Posted: January 4, 2012
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This biography is about Coach Cornelius Ridley, head basketball coach, and the Pearl High Tigers. This book covers the first half of Coach Ridley’s career (1960-1969). First Half highlights the centerpiece of Pearl’s history, which was made by the 1965-66 basketball team. This team won the TSSAA State Championship —