Man is a multi-faceted being. Like the prisms on a well-cut diamond, our health reflects who we are spritiually, mentally, and physically. This section is designed to help you to get the optimum performance from your life, and to keep you sparkling like the diamond you were intended to be!

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This game is based on the HEALTH START Principles of Wellness. Hygiene, Exercise, Air, Leisure, Temperance, H20, Self Control, Turning Away from Drugs, Attitude, Rest, and Trust in God. Play this game and as as you move around the board and draw cards, you will reinforce, and perhaps, learn new principles that you can incorporate into your plan for daily living. At least two players or teams can compete on a large game board. Great for church groups and classes. Request the game board in PDF version so that you can print it in poster size.

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