Our History I

Every book tells a story. Whether of people, subjects, or places, those who write books carve their stories in the foundation of time.


I always had books. I can’t remember many other toys, but I do remember (and still have) some of my first books. Before I could read, I would look at the words and make up my own stories.

My earliest experience with storytelling occurred when I was a pre-schooler. A dear lady by the name of Mrs. Everlina Crosby told children’s stories using the flannel board. At home, as a preschooler I remember telling my own stories to an imaginary audience while trying to use the wall as a flannel board. I did not understand why my pictures would fall off of the wall. I thought there was some magic in Mrs. Crosby’s storytelling. Perhaps throughout my life, I’ve been in the process of discovering the magic of storytelling. My first book was a tutorial called Getting to Know the Piano Keyboard (1984). Next, I penned a pair of books for those who told Children’s Story Hour in our churches Storytelling in the Worship Hour and More Storytelling in the Worship Hour (1988-1990). Over the next decade (1990-2000) I wrote many other books—the Stories that Teach series for children; training manuals on every topic imaginable; books about women of the Bible; and various self-help titles.

Our History II

One thing is certain. I have always had a keen interest in becoming a writer. Before one can write, however, he or she must experience the vicissitudes of life. Some years ago, a line from a popular movie (The Five Heartbeats) spoke to the experience of a character known as “Duck” and to me simultaneously, “… you’ll be a great writer one day when you have suffered more and have something to write about.”

Beginning in 2002, most of my family members died. They died with their stories untold. Amid my loss of these family members, I suffered. In the process of my suffering, I discovered writing as a tool. Not only was it therapeutic, it prolonged the memory of them in my heart and mind. Moreover, I found that I, indeed, had “something to write about”—the contributions of my family to American society. I am thankful to my biological forefathers for providing a heritage, rich with the best America has to offer its tired and its poor: the ability to achieve one’s dreams. I have poured these sentiments into two biographies: Greg Ridley: Master of Copper Tooling and Coach Ridley’s Basketball Glory.

Along the way, my journey has, reportedly, inspired others to tell their stories. While this was not my intent, I have been happy to help new authors find and express their voice and tell their stories. They have become Breakthrough Authors and Partners. Their work is featured on this website. After all, that’s what life is about—finding success and helping others to find theirs. It’s about giving back.

Who Are We?

Dreams birth ideas. Sharing ideas strengthens individuals. Strong, informed individuals build a better society.


Since 1999, Breakthrough Communications has been dedicated to sharing ideas. We have published books on topics of interest for young people, health matters, cookbooks, women’s issues, tutorials, and most recently, biographies of two noteworthy Tennesseans: Artist Greg Ridley, Jr. and Hall of Fame Basketball Coach, Cornelius Ridley.

Our products have been enhanced by a capable, energetic team of professionals who are “tops” at what they do. Our readership has been strenghtened by our recent partnerships with new authors and organizations. You may read more about these partnerships on our site. We hope that you will join us in building a better, more literate, and more informed society — one publication at a time.

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Take Action


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