Eat Healthy to be healthy …& to lose some weight too

Today there is a big emphasis on healthy living. Simply put, to be healthy, you must eat healthy. You are what you eat (-remember that saying?). To counteract stroke, heart disease, and countless other diseases, one must maintain a low blood pressure. You can do this naturally by -eating healthy.

According to a study run by Dr. Lee Gibbons, eating bananas, raisins, and drinking orange juice, which all contain potassium, will significantly lower systolic and diastolic numbers.

Eat a cup of oatmeal a day.

 Try to limit your sodium intake to about 250 mg per day. You may find that it will take your taste buds about a month to adjust. You may also find that most products contain far more than 250 mg of sodium when you read food labels.

Eating oats every day and limiting (kicking out, even) sodium in your diet are proven solutions.

Lastly, eliminate dairy.

ings to Love: A Healthy Heart


One of my church members, Leonard Gibbons, Ph.D. conducted a study at Loma Linda University in California with individuals who were hypertensive but had no other lifestyle disease, such as diabetes.  He found that by including these foods in their diet (bananas, raisins, orange juice), their systolic number dropped by 12 points and their dystolic number dropped by 8 points. 

I ate these items over a 2-month period, along with walnuts, oats, fresh vegetables, and eliminating cheese and dairy. Guess what I found? It works.

On April 19, 2012, my Blood Pressure was 119/80. June, 25, 2012, it was 106/80. AND I lost 9 3/4 pounds.

Results :)

Written by C.Amber

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