Mop & Sweep the Cholesterol Away

Check out another blog from Constance. She will tell you how to rid your body of harmful cholesterol and other unwanted matter – naturally!…
That’s right, mop first, then sweep.  Not good advice for cleaning floors, but great for ridding the body of excess cholesterol.

Now, I am continuing the quest for better health and to lower my cholesterol…

Here’s how I will do it. I will replace at least 3 meat servings per week with any legume (bean) and brown rice combination. This combination substitutes for protein.

I will increase my soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is a sponge.  It picks up plaque and cholesterol in the arteries.  Insoluble fiber is a broom.  It sweeps the colon and rids debris.

Soluble Fiber – oats, legumes, cooked carrots, cooked apples (anything that turns into a gel state when cooked; hence, the sponge.

Insoluble Fiber – some fruits–be sure to eat them whole –even the peel, if possible; vegetables like broccoli, whole bran like bran flakes.  In other words, things that don’t break down in water (particles remain) ; hence the broom.

Increase your vegetable intake you eat per day/week. Steam your vegetables. (Stop boiling them down, the way your great grandma prepared her greens.  Come to the 21st centuty :-)

Basically, anything that had a face—and a mama— will increase your cholesterol, the plaque in your arteries, and therefore make the pressure of your blood higher as it tries to pass through your arteries and vessels.

High blood pressure medicine will work- because depending upon which type you take, the meds stretch/open up the passageways.  But using medication is not good over a long period of time because it causes other problems down the road. Uncontrolled high blood pressure medicated through drugs for extensive periods of time is said to be related to kidney failure,  in some cases.

Let’s play it safe and do what we can on the front-end.  Mop, Sweep, and Healthy Cooking and Eating.

Bon Appetit


Written by C.Amber

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