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“Things To Love”

This is a site where you can read Amber’s Blog and participate in a  little “give and take.”

Give an idea on the topic…..

Take one from someone else.

Be blessed,

Amber’s Mom


Life is a Journey, not a destination There are no mistakes, just chances we’ve taken Lay down your regrets cause all we have is now…..

India Arie

Written by Journeys

Constance enjoys a refreshing walk on the beach and hiking nature trails; a good laugh with friends; entertaining; teapots and china; playing classical piano; and creating things. She likes to see ideas come together.


One Comment on "Welcome to: “Things to Love” — Health, Fashion, and Beauty by C.Amber"

  1. Ulric says:

    Hey Amber:

    I have a few fashion questions for you to enlighten me on:

    1. Recently I have found it easier to go without socks. I see a lot of older men wear their classy dress pants with a tailored shirt and they don’t wear any socks. I love the look…I have adopted it. What are you thoughts?

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